Emergency services are our specialty. Whether it is for a municipality, HOA, management company, or home owner, Newberg Construction understands the high priority of these situations. We maintain a wide range of our own equipment to be ready at a moments notice. This equipment allows us the capability to locate and perform repairs at any depth in house, without the need to rely on subcontractors to perform our work. Response times are usually less than an hour from the time a call is received to crews onsite. Once a call is assigned to a crew, you are put directly in contact with a crew leader, that person will guide you step by step though the process from beginning to end.   

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  • Broken water main repair

  • Leaking valve repair & replacement

  • Fire hydrant repair & replacement

  • Valve & hydrant exercising

  • Leak detection

  • Locating

  • Asphalt patching 

  • Restoration

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